Who I Am

About Fern Snogren, LCSW, MA, CHT

I’m Fern Snogren, a licensed clinical social worker and certified Hakomi therapist who practices somatic psychotherapy in Ashland, Oregon. My own development as a psychotherapist has been enriched by growthful challenges such as learning to find comfort in my body and with my emotions.
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What I Do

Clinical Services of Fern Snogren, LCSW, MA, CHT

I offer individual psychotherapy, couples therapy, therapeutic groups, and clinical supervision. Through a nuanced combination of psychodynamic and relational therapies tailored to your situation, I help you make the inner changes necessary to engage with your world more effectively.
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What I Believe

About the therapeutic approach of Fern Snogren, LCSW, MA, CHT

Each of us has a special part to play in the stream of life. As adults, we continue to grow into the truest expressions of ourselves we can. People come to therapy when they experience a discrepancy between who they are and who they deeply intuit they are supposed to be.
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