Therapeutic Groups

Women’s Support Groups

Often, groups of women come together due to some commonality such as age, life transition, or a similar struggle. I offer group facilitation tailored to the needs of the group members. Facilitation can range from a loose, sharing/support circle format to more structured explorations of specific topics using combinations of art therapy, mindful group or diad exercises, and mindful movement experiences.

Taming the Body Thief

Taming the Body Thief is an eight-week workshop for women struggling with body image issues or an eating disorder. Through carefully facilitated mindful, body-centered explorations, art therapy, and group support, participants work toward increasing appreciation of their body’s unique shape and size or reducing the symptoms of an eating disorder.

Moving with Chronic Pain

Moving with Chronic Pain groups are designed to help pain sufferers explore their relationship to their pain through the use of various movement practices such as continuum, authentic movement, and other mindful movement explorations. Individuals suffering with chronic pain are challenged to find their optimal balance of movement and avoidance of certain movements; accept limitation and challenge limitation; explore ways that deeply held unconscious psychic patterns are being carried forth through the body and contributing to pain; and resolve or avoid the depression or addiction that can sometimes be generated by living with pain.