Couples Therapy

Sustaining a growthful, long-term partnership necessitates that we mature in many ways. It is an opportunity to learn to care for ourselves and our partners in light of our respective attachment styles, heal attachment wounds from the past, hone our integrity, and streamline our boundaries while communicating them with compassion. It is an opportunity to transform codependent, insecure relational patterns into interdependent, secure-functioning ones.

My strengths are identifying disruptive relational cycles and using therapeutic activities such as mindful experiments, attachment interventions, and psychodrama to to explore and resolve disruptive cycles, heal old wounds, and strengthen the relational bond. My work with couples is strongly influenced by my training as an Hakomi therapist and a PACT therapist. PACT: A Psycho-Biological Approach to Couple Therapy, integrates cutting-edge developments in neuroscience, the biology of arousal regulation, and adult attachment theory into a highly effective, experiential therapeutic modality.

Couples therapy is available in timeframes ranging from one hour to full-day immersion sessions.

I have experience working with:
  • couples wishing to deepen their relationship
  • couples of all sexual orientations and gender identities
  • couples seeking peaceful, healing separation or divorce
  • couples who are blending families
  • couples struggling with parenting and/or step-parenting challenges
  • couples adjusting to a new child
  • couples and groups exploring polyamory and other untraditional relational structures
  • couples struggling after infidelity or other forms of betrayal
  • couples struggling with a discrepancy in sexual desire or other sexual concerns

Couples Therapy Package

This package enables couples to get started with couples therapy at my sliding-scale rate. It consists of an initial two-hour intake session for $280 and three 90-minute follow-up sessions at a rate of $150/hour, after which the rate increases to my standard rate. If interested, reach out to me for a free meet-and-greet to see if we will be a good fit.