Couples Therapy

Sustaining a growthful, long-term partnership necessitates that we mature in many ways. It is an opportunity to soften our no-longer-necessary rough edges and to establish better boundaries and personal integrity. It calls us to love and support and to be loved and supported without codependency.

My strengths are identifying disruptive relational cycles and using mindful experiments to explore and heal them while strengthening the relational bond. My work also encompasses couples who are exploring whether they should split up or change their relational frame in some way.

I have experience working with:
  • Couples of all sexual orientations and gender mixes
  • Couples who seek peaceful divorce or are exploring untraditional relational frames
  • Separating couples who want to protect their children in the process
  • Couples who need to update their gender roles and/or explore power struggles Holding their relationship hostage
  • Couples adjusting to a new child
  • Couples struggling after infidelity
  • Couples struggling with a discrepancy in sexual desire or other sexual concerns
  • Couples who are blending families
  • Parenting and step-parenting challenges